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Friday, 1 January 2016

First Dawn

My dad and I got up at 5am to cycle to a nearby reservoir where we could watch the first sunrise of the new year from a long bridge. I suppose any other day of the year I would not have been at all inclined to wake up so early (5am doesn't really exist in my normal daily schedule..). However, the first dawn of the year can be given meaning if I choose to deem it special, so why not? It's a new year. It's the last year of my second decade on earth. I'll have to savour my last few teen day!

I thought 5-6am would be super early, but it turns out that there were many people already camping at the bridge waiting for the sunrise by the time we got there. Hardcore, keen photographers! Many had their huge cameras and tripods all ready to go. I was impressed by the turnout of people and their dedication...!

(The photograph below was taken by my camera phone, not quite as fancy, but it'll do the job.)