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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

20 Facts About Me


Thanks to my friend I had to do a 20 facts instagram post, so why not blog it too.
(Btw this photo was taken when I was biking  yesterday)
Okie here goes:
1. I once almost swallowed a bee, it was in my can of ginger ale and naturally I only realised when I spat it out. 
2. I own more than 100 pairs of earrings. It's the best present I could ever receive, earrings. 
3. I intend to join my uni's Quidditch team. 
4. I wouldn't mind being a Slytherin. 
5. I've never lived in my hometown, KL. 
6. I was in the newspapers when I was 6 for an advertisement, I used the money from the photoshoot to buy a Casio watch that I still use.⌚
7. I have in my possession a fake cockroach, itching powder and stink bombs. It would be wise to not be my enemy. 
8. I'm better at cooking Western food than Asian food.
9. I have a vampirish body clock. 
10. Which is why I rarely voluntarily open my curtains. 
11. So it's not unusual for me to go running near midnight when there's no sun. 
12. I have K-Pop, J-Pop, French, Mandarin and Spanish songs in my phone besides English ones.
13. I love Snoopy. 
14. I still love Pok√©mon for that matter. 
15. I can tell a zucchini from a cucumber.
16. I bring mints and gum to exams, once I brought 4 flavors of gum and 3 types of mint in a plastic bag and earned a bewildered look from the supervisor. Needless to say, it was a math exam that required so much ammo. 
17. I actually got away with eating lollipops in my IB mocks.
18. My close friends know me for my sarcasm. 
19. I laugh at all bad puns and jokes. ALL. I appreciate bad humour to the max so more often than not my friends are face-palming at ME, not the bad pun. 
20. I have recurring dreams of flying. I was totally born to play Quidditch. 