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The notes go specification point by specification point, so the whole syllabus is covered! Definitely a great help through the 2 year course and will save you time and trouble.

I'm happy to email previews and am open to negotiations of purchase of tailored sets of notes. Just email me to discuss things! :)

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Who Let The Dogs Out

Credits to Abbie (first row, left-est girl) for the post title. :P She was our team's MVP for the competition and in short, she's a beast. Tall and talented. 

So, throwback to our SEASAC Basketball competition held in UWC East Singapore back in January. This was a dream team, everyone gelled together and helped each other out. It was my first SEASAC Basketball; for the past years I've been doing SEASAC Football but because that clashed with my SATs this year, I tried bball out.

Bball has always been a favourite sport of mine and I'm glad I got to be in the team in my last year of high school. (Gosh having to actually admit that still feels unreal, my last year?! Well. Aren't I aging.) My first and last SEASAC Basketball with a beautiful and fabulous team. We may only have won one game and all, but we played our best and didn't lose without a fight. The scores were close and in the end, clic as it is, we had fun. :D We won't look back on this trip as a failure but remember the hilarious moments we had instead. Like when the opponent scored a basket for us because she forgot which way she was shooting. >.<

that's me holding the basketball :) surrounded by smurfs

Monday, 24 February 2014

Competitive Exclusion

Livening up bio class a bit by diagramming 'Competitive Exclusion' with my partner (she did the drawing, I just did the health bars) I really do think this sums it up. A concise definition.